16 Jul 14

Host Thank You Party

SEPANG, 16 July 2014 – A big THANK YOU to all our hosts for their achievement and efforts on last Formula One GP 2014 hectic week. Top management and hotel host have celebrated for their hard work on 21 June 2014 with organized a “Host Thank You Party” that held at Host Cafeteria. All top management has pulled their sleeves up by preparing delicious dishes and serves all hosts on this special day.


Other than that, they were entertained by the in-house band, “D’Vegas” throughout the party. All host were having a great time and enjoying the day while all the management busy cooking and preparing food for them. This is a tradition that we keep every year in order to strengthen our relationship between Management and hosts.


Hope this will keep their motivation to work hard in future. THANK YOU once again, Concorde Inn KLIA hosts!

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