23 Dec 14

Fire Drill

SEPANG, 23 December 2014 – We have conducted the fire drill on last Saturday, 20 December 2014 as required by the jurisdictions. A fire drill is a necessary exercise that the organisation should embark on to ensure readiness and preparedness of the hosts in the event of an emergency.Beside; it’s also providing the training opportunity for Emergency Response Team (ERT) member to fulfill the roles required by the specific situation, ensure that all emergency situations are attended to immediately.

The fire drill has started at 10.30 am with activation of emergency fire alarm and announcement through public address system throughout the building. All hosts were required assembly at the assembly point, which located at Terminal 9 parking area; as quickly as they can.

Then came the fire trucks that displayed the simulation of burning building (Terminal 9). The fire brigade has arrived within 5 minutes and the firefighter team has douses fire by using their fire hose. Hotel ERT team has playing their role to communicate and provide incident information to the firefighter. The Firefighter has taken the opportunity to introduce their new aid team, which called Emergency Medical, and Rescue Services (EMRS); briefed about the functions and services that offered by EMRS team. The fire drill has ended at 11.30 am.

The objectives of this drill were to provide an orderly emergency response plan for all occupants and hosts; to ensure fast & smooth evacuation of buildings and lastly to test the working conditions and effectiveness of all fire & emergency equipment for all buildings. Concorde Inn KLIA has successfully fulfilled the objective of this fire drill exercise.

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